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Academic Programs in COAS


The College of Agricultural Sciences at SIU offers a comprehensive program in agriculture and the related sciences. With undergraduate (bachelor’s) and graduate (master’s and PhD) degree programs in all areas of agriculture. SIU’s first Ag faculty was hired in 1910 and has grown substantially since in to a leading research institution.

Undergraduate degree programs include:

Agribusiness Economics
-Agribusiness Management & Finance
-Energy & Environmental Policy
-Farm Business Management
-Sales & Marketing

Agricultural Systems & Education
-Agricultural Education
-Agricultural Communications
-Agricultural Production
-Agricultural Systems Technology
-General Agriculture
-Food and Process Engineering Technology

Animal Sciences
-Animal Production
-Equine Science
-Pre-Veterinary Medicine & Science
-Certificate in Companion Animal NutritionĀ 

Crop, Soil and Environmental Management
-Crop Production and Management {Science, General, Environmental}
-Soil Science {Science, General, Environmental}

-Forest Hydrology
-Forest Resources Management
-Forest Recreation & Park Management
-Urban Forest Management
-Wildlife Habitat Management and Conservation

-Landscape Horticulture
-Turfgrass Management

Hospitality & Tourism Administration
-Lodging Management
-Food Service Management
-Tourism Management
-Certificate in Event Planning & Management

Human Nutrition and Dietetics



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